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ACCESS magazine reports on research funded by the University of California Transportation Center.

The goal is to translate academic research into readable prose that is useful for policymakers and practitioners. Articles in ACCESS are intended to catapult academic research into debates about public policy, and convert knowledge into action.

ACCESS is published twice a year.


Forthcoming article: Pursuing the Technological Sublime: How the Eastern Span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Became a Megaproject

by Karen Trapenberg Frick

bridge shot courtesy caltransBay Bridge photos courtesy of Caltrans The new eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, set to open on the Labor Day weekend, is a classic instance of a megaproject, not just because of its huge complexity, protracted timeline and “mega” cost (some $6.5 billion). It is also a textbook embodiment of what I have identified as the “six C’s” of a typical megaproject: colossal, captivating, costly, controversial, complex, and subject to issues of control.




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